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The core of SYPOX technologies is based on an Electrically Heated Structured Catalyst. SYPOX couples in-situ electric heating together with traditional catalysts and applies this design in the most important chemical processes. 


BIOGAS REFORMING: Compact, flexible and low CAPEX reforming technology offers biogas operators a new upgrading technology to convert biogas directly into green H₂.

METHANE REFORMING: SYPOX steam reformers produce syngas and hydrogen reducing CO₂ emissions by approximately 40%. The demand of renewable electricity is less than one-quarter compared to electrolyzers and therefore, the technology is applicable in centralized refineries or plants for the direct reduction of iron ore.


SYPOX electrified ethylene production replaces fired cracking furnaces that currently consume more than 15% of the primary energy used in the chemical industry. E-steam cracking decreases by-products selectivity, ethylene production costs, steam generation and CO₂.



SYPOX uses electrically heated catalysts for VOC oxidation and avoids methane combustion, normally used to achieve operating temperatures. This design decreases not only CO₂ and VOC emissions but also CAPEX and OPEX. SYPOX makes possible to expand the usage of VOC oxidizers and to target stringent air pollutants regulation. 

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